This free eBook is intended to provide hope and inspiration to parents who want to do the right thing by their children.

Wherever you're at, we are here to help.  
We want to help you develop the vital resilience you need to create a positive approach to what might otherwise be a traumatic chapter. Our content is intentionally practical  to make things easier for you and your children during this transition.

Free eBook: Splitting Up? 

How To Tell The Kids

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When & how to tell the kids

What's Included?

What to say at each age & stage

How much info to communicate to your kids, depending on their age.

Communication do's and dont's

Key do's and don'ts that will help foster productive conversations.

Taking care of YOU

How taking care of yourself helps build family strength and unity.

Dr. Lisa Ferrari and Dr. Carla Fry,  affectionately known as the Dr. F’s, are clinical psychologists, authors, speakers, and experts in child and family psychology. They have been featured by local and national media, including Canadian Living, Globe and Mail, and Global News.

When not counselling their patients at 
Vancouver Psychology Centre, you can find them on Clinically Happy, a platform for sharing information and resources to help others maximize happiness and emotional resilience.

About The Dr. F’s

Important tips to remember when it comes to letting your children know.

Free eBook: Splitting Up? 

How To Tell The Kids

What's Included?